They may be used for popularity & their love & resources. You are brought down here to be dependable and hardworking and sensual. If you have capricorn mars Im gonna assume you mentally and physically can not live if that project isnt done nicely. Both love that ride or die shit. While the women caused some mischievous acts they could usually get themselves out of it. Usually the cause of their petty online arguments. For example a lot like working out at a specific time. #Fame indicators on Tumblr See a recent post on Tumblr from @thealchemistbae about Fame indicators. Venus in 5th house- Venus is the planet of the entertainment industry, so when it is sitting in the 5th house which is the house of the entertainment industry, it gives massive fame and wealth. So many people with these placements stay in toxic situations and try tomake it right no, LEAVE. One: The Fame Degrees. It is best if it falls in the 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th house. Libra placements (especially the women) tend to attract a lot of envious people who spread rumors. Your spirit guides embody the traits of the water bearer. But they may have the tendency to not trust anything at all. They may like to teach spiritual things, education knowledge, languages, etc. Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian have this. Moon in Gemini/ Moon in 3rd- This dear placements is logic over heart, they need a constant need to be stimulated while learning. Venus in leo/ scorpio venuses probably fixate on that one song and then forget about it. A lot also overwork themselves to feel good, theyre over achievers but at what cost? One way you can distinguish a Libra rising is by their smile and maybe existen dimples. 13 Jan 2017 1051. (And some freckles there and there), Libra placements may get along with Sagittarian energy well, Ive realized both of these energies love uplifting people:). Start working out, going out etc. They tend to put unrealistic standards on themselves. People with Lilith- North node may have been really modest in a past life time. 1st house stellium people tend to go to crisis regarding to who they really are and they tend to camouflage in situations. MC in Leo- Leo is the sign of fame, so I dont really have to explain this one. Yeah thats a Scorpio mercury / Scorpio placement, Moon in Aries individuals hate toxic everything they are definitely not the type to pull with any bullshit.. no second chances that is unless theyre emotionally involved. Venus in 2nd house - talks more about money than fame, but can bring a huge success. Ironically, these people are very good at work and details. People with sun square moon may not have a good emotional connection with their father / figure. Cancer moon can dominate the natives physical appearance. This can sometimes manifest in an unwanted way, it can be negative attention or the person doesnt really enjoy it. (Early education). Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian have this. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. (Love yall though). Mercury in 1st individuals tells me that you hate and are aware that people can underestimate your intellectual abilities. This could result in you being fired up when you get that feeling of intuition. It would generally give more feminine traits. One thing about Pisces placements is that they attract people who wanna distort them on who they are. They couldve been a very protective and resentful person from a past life time. Like they may rage at the internet lmao. but a lot of people with this placements suffer from a lot of intrusive thoughts. Mars in 4th= Trophies, Awards, Sporty Environment. If they suspect you.. its over.. theyll play their cards right until they get exactly what they need to see. People dont forget them easily. Especially Leo Venuses are very admired by people! But they will need a good routine! May like gettinghigh with their partner. Cancer placements at least some tend to think silent treatment is everything when in arguments or bad spot. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! Also why are so gemini moons interested in astrology?? Uranus in 1st/ Aquarius Risings/ Uranus Dominants/ Uranus touching the Ascendant / Uranus touching the North Node - We all know there is something unconventional about them. They tend to like making healthier habits for their friends. This absolutely essential to unlocking your inner guidance. Saturn is a strong influence in your chart. Also Ive noticed people with this placement tend to attract people who misunderstand what they say and at worse can twist it. degree theory astrology astrology observations astro astro notes astrology notes astrology tumblr astro tumblr astro observations astrology degrees astrology tidbits . Leo placements literally have cat eyes, some have round eyes, or whatever shape it may be, they tend to intimidate people by their eyes, in my opinion Leo placements have very bright noticeable eyes no matter the color. :**:, People with Taurus placements especially the Moon may very much love when their food is very well put together (pleasing to look at). Earthy relaxed environments. . (Gemini rules hands). Jupiter in Sagittarius individuals tend to be very humorous and tend to be liked easily & travel tends to be prominent to them. Aries rules the head. Pluto in 1st/10th house or Scorpio midheaven- prominent Pluto or Scorpio placements give someone such an enticing presence, that people can become obsessed with them. Everyone thought they were so fucking weird yet they were so likeble. People with Eros (#433) / Venus / Mars in 9th could find themselves getting into hookups in travel or foreign places. Sagittarius placements couldve been trouble makers or less serious when young. Leo or Capricorn rising - obviously not everyone with this is going to be famous, but Ive noticed that many celebrities have this placement. Virgo placements may love candles / plants or really nice nature / grounded things around them. Your spirit is from a higher intelligence and very playful with their approaches, they love to see you smile and hate to see you upset. 8th house influence - having a 1st or 11th house ruler or Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected fame. Asking the wrong questions & putting your nose where it doesnt belong will really throw them off. have a very beautiful physical beauty to them. They are very fierce and incredible loyal towards you and they have always been protecting you, especially from masculine figures that are bad for you. (Also goes to Venus in 8th) Theyre also quite introverted and not always clingy. * Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Jupiter Their friends and especially online friends could find them very attractive. Your spirit embodies the bull. They will never ever get bored of finding out new things / constantly researching. : Personal planets, rising, or MC in Aquarius degrees 11 and 23 can easily attract social media influence. Venusians are naturally attracted to pink / red. if you're into degree theory, 5 = short term fame, 17 and 29 = long term fame. In my opinion, Leo Venuses act more Leo like than any other placement. (1943) Therefore, wherever Anteros is in your natal chart is how you send love back. However youre always ALERTT and ready to protect anything. They tend to have touched the child in very soft ways and there could be a spiritual connection. They may see themselves having communication problems in relationships, netherless working on this will be able to fix this. People with Venus in 6th / Venus in Virgo tend to stay single for a while and they are not the type to be with someone else right after a break up. (12th house rules ending and the day is ending at the night). Your spirit guides embody the traits of a sea goat. At worse could indicate lies around the home & twisted information. In the ascendant persona chart which dives in deeper on how you present yourself & identity, look at the rising sign (then some 10th placements + signs). Pluto is really sexualized in astrology. Mercury in 10th individuals tend to guide the public eye with information / knowledge. (h22) If the Priapus asteroid touches your lillith it can indicate youre very alluring and a lot of people may fantasize about you but there is something tabbo about you that could throw them off a lot. Theyre just really good at keeping it together on the outside. People with Venus in 6th tend to have low self esteem and tend to make fun of their Venusian traits. Venus in Virgo would naturally feel at peace perfecting the things they love and others would admire their information. Planets in the 10th house in the signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, and especially Leo are more prone to fame than others. Pisces venuses are scarier than scorpio venuses. Mercury aspecting Lilith would make someone naturally attracted to the darker side of things and have a detective mind. One thing about Capricorn placements is that they stay minding their own business and being unbothered. Dont ever push a Capricorn mercury too much. Why do the walls look weird?. However, people tend to misunderstand their abilities. Fire moons can easily fall into the wrong crowd. Pluto in 9th may like to visit darker areas. (Venus in 11th). Theyre very adaptable. Scorpio placements do not freak out at things that are seen as taboo by others, they can formally talk about the darker / sexual side of things. Astrology could affect their subconscious, making them attached. (Venus in 2nd & Venus in 5th), Aquarius Venuses only ghost when you are being too clingy and putting labels too fast, these people need to know who you really are and do not like rushing into things, be their best friend first. Ive noticed a lot of Water risings like the color light blue. Mercury rules tricks and these people can charm their way out of anything. First we look at the Sun, if it is in 10th or 11th house. Jupiter conjunct your MC is a good indicator of fame in conventional astrology. (As you should!) (Check other placements). I am fascinated by day to day astrology and transits and decided to talk about some of the ones that can be quite observable, specifically involving the Moon. I remember I was with this witch once she was scorpio rising and had Moon in 8th which are already psychic placements! Anteros in 8th may like to give money to the person to show appreciation. Gemini placements could be really good shufflers. A lot of Astrologers/ Spiritual people tend to have Uranus - North node. They are very good advice givers because of their analytical nature. (Theory), Lilith in 4th in Synastry could indicate the mother could be envious of the connection. Its commonly found that these people attract people who either love them or hate them. You could put an Aquarius placement with 100 people who are very different and theyd still feel as if they dont fit in. Mercury is also the scammer, con artist and trickster. Michael Jackson had 11th house ruler conjunct MC. They tend to have a feature that stands out. They love spreading humor around and could be known for being really funny and light-hearted. There are many manifestations of each of these aspects in your natal chart. They need friends who will motivate them and not bring them down. They couldve been told to study or a lot or advance things constantly. (Check other placements). Pisces risings tend to care a lot about aesthetic just how Venusian placements do. You may look very exotic looking & unique appearance. This work belongs to me and me only, I dont wanna see this posted anywhere else. Venus in 10th individuals can get their info/ photos usen to catfish & etc, people admire them a lot. This is not said / noted enough but Pisces placements (especially the rising) tend to be very weird individuals who may have unconventional interests. If they develop passion & emotion (Its a water sign), they would do great in Astrology. this can go as far as dropping close friends for their partner & then regretting it. Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn in 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th house. They guide you with transformation in your life. Venus in scorpio have a thing for people wholook bad & have tattos. This placement may not necessarily point to fame, but it does point to success and prosperity in career. Uranus influence - Uranus rules fame, so having it positively influencing someones chart points to fame. Indicators of Fame in Astrology ayat-the-aquarius: "leoasf: " aistrology: "Venus in harmonious aspect to MC Venus in 2nd or 11th Sun in 10th or 11th Leo Moon Abundance of planets in 11th, 10th. They gain their achievements by making discoveries and finding out why things are the way they are. Air placements tend to have interesting interestes they couldve been made fun of in their youth for this. 5 : short term fame; 17 , 29: long term fame . It wont tell you outright youre meant to be a firefighter or youre meant to be a writer it will give you indication to your natural inclinations and talents. . Being in the dark with a candle on is ideal for them. People with Uranus dominance / Aquarius in 4th or Aquarius dominance couldve grown up with early access to technology / technology was around them. * Saturn 1st house Mars in Cancer may get tired of sports easily or loose energy for them easily. Mars in 3rd tells me you dont gaf and you send those bold texts anyway. Air prominence own mind is never- ending. Mercury in retrograde individuals may struggle putting up boundaries and making themselves clear & why a lot of people tend to walk all over them. Many billionaires have this, for example Bill Gates. They send messages in a perfectionist tendency its hard to miss. To grow together. If there is any other Astrologer indicators, this can make someone very passionate about Astrology and fiercely loyal to their dedication, they also emotionally attach themselves to Astrology. May meet & be-friend older people online and that could cause karma. Having the ruler in its own house always makes it very powerful. Theyre also very good at tracking when its good to buy certain things. People with Pholus asteroid (#5145) very prominent in their chart tend to be self destructive / changing. (Check whole chart), Virgo placements love the little things in life and when something little becomes somewhat chaotic is why theyre prone to breakdowns or seen as perfectionist. Youre probably scared of even going to the grocery store at times. Prove me wrong. Not really just wanted to note it. This is because Cancer placements truly know how its like to have a family (Cancer rules 4th house). People with Uranus in 11th may have dreams come true out of nowhere. The messages they sent you are more of relaxed messages but also straightforward since theyre stubborn. Could be good at studying criminal charts & etc. Venus in 2nd house - talks more about money than fame, but can bring a huge success. Your placements can tell you the way you manifest especially Jupiter. the 10th house is the house of career. Mercury aspecting the North node would make someone devoted to a path that involves communication, if there is any other Astrologer indicators, having this would make someone take a lead in Astrology and communicating researches. While in the other hand, Leo Venuses & Taurus Venuses are similar in a way. They both like a healthy amount of possessiveness, they just like the Youre mine attitude. (Theory). Mercury in Gemini (3rd house) / Mercury in Aquarius (11th house)- Both are great at communication and you would need developed communication skills to excell in Astrology. They may be someone you talk to for days then they randomly need a lot of alone time then they bounce back. (#1108), People with Ceres in Taurus / 2nd house may love the idea of creating a safe space for their loved ones / spoiling them a bit. If its in the 10th house, you will get gains and fame through your career. Venus in 12th ( Pisces) Venus in 11th (Aquarius) Venus in 3rd (Gemini) / Venus in 9th (Sagittarius) / Venus touching Uranus- Wherever Venus is in and what sign its in tells you where you pour your heart out. Ive seen it a lot, these people are incredibly generous. Mercury - Lillith aspects (Or Scorpio Mercury) love to solve mystery. primary school teaching/child studies, medicine/medical science/vetinary science, AriesStimulated Mars presence,Mars in the 1st, Moon in Aries, Mars in the 10th: Interprets criticism as lack of faith in their abilities and competency, TaurusStimulated Venus presence,Sun in the 2nd, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Taurus: Respects constructive criticism because they value efficiency, but they can disregard it because they can see the finished image in their mind the person cant, GeminiStimulated Mercury presence,Mercury in the 1st, Mercury in the 3rd, Moon in the 3rd, Moon in Gemini, Mars in Gemini: Has already heard their own thoughts snarl the same or similar critique, and they have also why heard their own thoughts declare why this critique is absolute nonsense, CancerStimulated Lunar presence,Moon in the 1st, Moon in the 4th, Moon in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Cancer: Criticism can make them wish the earth could swallow them whole, it can raise the fear that people wont need them anymore, LeoStimulated Solar presence,Sun in the 1st, Sun in the 5th, Moon in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Leo, Moon in the 5th: Interprets criticism as a statement of their dispensability and potential for being left, VirgoStimulated Mercury presence,Sun in the 6th, Moon in Virgo, Moon in the 6th, Venus in Virgo: Can overstate faults and diminish skills to defend against potential criticism, LibraStimulated Venus presence,Sun in the 7th, Venus in the 1st, Moon in Libra, Venus in Libra: Takes criticism as a sign there is something inherently wrong with their whole being, ScorpioStimulated Pluto, Mars influence, Pluto in the 1st, Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Sun in the 8th: Has heard inner demons intensely louder than your tiny critical voice, SagittariusStimulated Jupiter presence, Jupiter in the 1st, Sun in the 9th, Moon in Sagittarius: Respects your honesty, but the mood can descend after their ideals have been picked apart, CapricornStimulated Saturn presence,Saturn in the 1st, Sun in the 10th, Moon in Capricorn, Moon in the 10th: Can become paralysed by criticism because it reinforces their own negative self-beliefs, AquariusStimulated Uranus,Saturn presence, Uranus in the 1st, Sun in the 11th, Moon in Aquarius: Is wondering who gave you the authority to criticise them, PiscesStimulated Jupiter, Neptune presence, Neptune in the 1st, Sun in the 12th, Moon in Pisces: Takes it quite harshly and personally, can reinforce the notion that they are unequipped for the world, Venus in Aries: Striking, loud, intimidating, bold, fiery, Venus in Taurus: Sensual, subtle, down to earth, Venus in Gemini: Wondrous, comical, light, Venus in Cancer: Warm, engulfing, loving, comforting, Venus in Leo: Radiant, fierce, playful, vibrant, Venus in Virgo: Virtuous, composed, melodic, sophisticated, Venus in Libra: Elegant, delicate, romantic, innocent, Venus in Scorpio: Intoxicating, powerful, sexual, intimidating, Venus in Sagittarius: Wild, show-stopping, feisty, Venus in Capricorn: Smart, elegant, reserved, respectable, sensual, Venus in Aquarius: Unconventional, unique, bold, excitable, Venus in Pisces: Ethereal, god-like, soft, dreamy, Venus in the 1st House: My physique and my self-image, Venus in the 2nd House: The material items I own, Venus in the 3rd House: The way that I communicate with others, Venus in the 4th House: My inner self, where I came from, Venus in the 5th House: The way I express my creativity and my romantic side, Venus in the 6th House: The way I put others before me, Venus in the 7th House: The way I behave in my relationships with others, Venus in the 8th House: The way I assert my power and express my sexuality, Venus in the 9th House: The way I perceive the world, my personal beliefs, Venus in the 10th House: My reputation, my public image, Venus in the 11th House: The way I express my ideas and put them into action, Venus in the 12th House: The way I comfort others and bring out the best in them. Hit them up for an ego boost Theyre the best. Kylie Jenner has this. On the surface level people might think the relationship wouldnt last & people may assume the relationship is toxic. (h22) If the Priapus asteroid touches a guys Jupiter tightly it can indicate they have a large penis. Oprah has this. I commonly see Aquarius placements getting very praised (as you should) but it could even for the smallest things. Its hard for someone to truly know whats going on in their thoughts. They specialize in creative areas & water. They have to be entertained 24/7. Men with harsh Lilith in their chart may get falsely accused of tabboo things. If Moon is in the 4th house it will fade any aggressiveness / bold nature of the moon sign its originally in. One thing about a Pluto in 10th is that they need to keep their true self private. Sagittarius moons (And fire moons generally) love the thrill of new experiences in love & they usually love the chase. Cancer mars could be physically on the weaker side. Cancer risings (Sagittarius in 6th) could make someone scattered during work / routines. georgia tech mgt 6203 syllabus, openreach big bold plan, thierry luthers jeune,

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